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Now your Central Oregon Distributor for Pounds Horse Supplement ! 

Pick up location : Quarry Ave. Hay and Feed 

POUNDS is an All Natural Horse Feed Supplement

POUNDS is a vitamin, mineral blend made up of 25 high quality natural ingredients. No synthetic vitamins, chelated minerals, artificial preservatives, hormones, steroids, artificial color, or chemical taste enhancer's have been added. POUNDS contains 15 vitamins, 60 minerals & elements, 21 amino acids, biotin from 3 sources, and selenium from 4 sources. POUNDS is made of high quality ingredients to provide all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, plus the enzymes that unlock body building proteins.

If you are interested in the Nutritional Breakdown Please contact me by calling or Facebook. It is the fastest way ! 

Bags are 20 lbs with 320 oz 

Suggested feed for the average horse is 2 to 4 oz.  Up to 12 oz for hard working, hard 

Bags cost $ 55  

Shipping available all over the USA



Where we are all about Sound Bodies, Minds and a Great foundation !

For us it's all about making wonderful horses for other people.

 And along with that is matching riders to horses and long term homes. 

A few Highlights 

November 2014 we bought 11 head from Sunnyside Washington Kill Pen. 

We are happy to be able to help these horses, and grateful for 

all of those folks who have helped make it possible. You know who you are!

We bred two mares to Lazy 4F's stallion Guys Pocket Coin and are expecting 2 foals in 2015!!

Dot My PeppySan Chex 1998 AQHA  

Rosie Fax 2000 AQHA 

And we bred one mare to Chickspecialmongoose !!

Our last Hesa Diamond Chex foal will be coming this spring, RIP " Studly"

Mare in foal is " Reeds poco eyes

We had one mare out the kill pen check in foal, 

so we have an un expected baby. Beautiful roan mare, so exciting, 

just sad we can't track down her pedigree. 

Stephanie was hired to do a commercial for Bend Broad Band summer 2014

and she used her personal horse Lil Miss Smarty Plans who is 11 yrs old

 and a successful honest consistent barrel horse. Stephanie has done all the 

training from start to finish. And is very proud of her versatility, 

soundness, and willing attitude, its bragging after 7 yrs as partners 

and working to earn money for the other horses in the barn. 

Here is her pedigree.   http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lil+miss+smarty+plans

2011 Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles California hired Stephanie to do a fun promotional commercial for their fun British Invasion Event.