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Welcome to SMG Performance Horses 

Where we are all about Sound Bodies, Minds and a Great foundation !

Making wonderful horses for other people is something we pride ourselves in. And along with that is matching riders to horses and long term homes. 

2014 a few Highlights 

November we bought 11 head from Sunnyside Washington Kill Pen. We are happy to be able to help these horses, and grateful for all of those folks who have helped make it possible. You know who you are!

Attended Spray Rodeo, Pendleton 4th of July Race, Pasco Brn4d Finals, Pasco Trac race running young green horses. 

We bred two mares to Lazy 4F's stallion Guys Pocket Coin !!! 

Stephanie was hired to do a commercial for Bend Broad Band this summer and she used her personal horse Lil Miss Smarty Plans who is 10 yrs old and a successful honest consistent barrel horse. Stephanie has done all the training from start to finish. And is very proud of her versatility, soundness, and willing attitude  after 7 yrs as partners and working to earn money for the other horses in the barn. 

Here is her pedigree.   http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lil+miss+smarty+plans


Stephanie & Mark dedicate their days to providing an education to their horses that last a life time. Stephanie has a good sense when it comes to matching horses with riders & life styles. Putting a finish on one, And helping manage or fix problems that horses have, while helping owners have the tools to avoid further issues. Mark is the man when it comes to shoeing and keeping all the horses sound in the barn starting with their feet. He is the man that steps in with the colts that have a little extra attitude as well. 

2011  Vina Robles Winery Commercial