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  • "Testimonial for SMG Performance Horses: A few years back, when SMG was in California, I had the opportunity of purchasing a wonderful little Paint horse (Jake) from Stephanie. A..."
    Carrie Kitley
    Happy Buyer / Seller
  • "I am SS age and feared I would never be able to recapture the joy of riding after two "wrecks". I lost my nerve and had a green horse. I contacted Stephanie and when she unders..."
    Bobbe Ernzer

No matter the discipline of your horse (trails, western performance or gaited horses) or our sale and personal horses we train, we have high expectations for manners, attitude and accountability.  

We train for Solid Bodies, Minds and add the foundation to every horse that comes through our program, as well as building on their current education.

Something fun I did with Bend Broad Band this fall - 



Stephanie & Mark dedicate their days to providing an education to their horses that last a life time. Stephanie has a good sense when it comes to matching horses with riders & life styles. Putting a finish on one, And helping manage or fix problems that horses have, while helping owners have the tools to avoid further issues. Mark is the man when it comes to shoeing and keeping all the horses sound in the barn starting with their feet. He is the man that steps in with the colts that have a little extra attitude as well. 

COMING SOON - Summer 2014 * Bend Broad Band * Every Second Counts Commercial * Lil Miss Smarty Plans and Stephanie 

JUST FOR FUN in 2011

Stephanie was talked into helping a local winery in Paso Robles CA * Vina Robles *

in the commercial for one of their events.